Custom Sample P. We use YOUR picture & design ideas.

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  • Item #: Custom Sample P egg carton label
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Your egg carton label will include an image that you send us or, we can work with you to come up with the perfect image for your labels!

We can use a favorite photo of your chickens, your child(ren), your family with your chickens, your spouse, your eggs, your logo...whatever you like!  Send it to us and we will put it on your egg carton labels!

A custom image can be used on any label shape offered and with any text, font and color available.

All designs are printed on white, matte labels.

*Labels are ordered in sets. One set= 8 sheets of labels*

One set of square labels=48 labels.

One set of round labels=48 labels.

One set of rectangle labels=32 labels. *Please note that the rectangle labels do not fit standard sized egg cartons, they are designed to fit the 4 egg x 3 egg, retro cartons.*